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          Technology Center

           R & D team

          Since its establishment, the company has been applying itself to independent innovation, development and improvement of core technology. With over 40 years&rsquo; development and accumulation, it has got its unique design and manufacturing technology by using modern design analysis technique to develop new techniques constantly.


          The company, with involved industries including mines, building materials, coals, wind power and motors, mainly produces precise steel structure products. It aims to make the most professional R & D and production base of precise steel structure products in China. Its technical research center of precise steel structure parts is able to make individual development according to user requirements.


          Quality Control

          Already passed ISO9001 (2000), GJB9001A-2001, OHSAS18001 and ISO14000 management system authentication, as well as authentication of CCS, TUV, GL, NK, BV, ABS and LR.